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Small and medium-sized businesses need phone systems that can help them respond to new opportunities and growth. Vertical's Small and Medium-Sized Business Communications Systems offer scalability, IP applications and a range of feature-rich endpoints to help you unlock the hidden potential of your phone system, helping your people and your business work more responsively, productively and profitably.

Vertical Wave™ IP NEW!
Vertical Xcelerator™ IP
Vertical Comdial® DX-120™
Vertical Comdial FX II™
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Vertical Wave™ IP: Changing the Game NEW!

Vertical Wave changes the game for next-generation IP business communications. The Vertical Wave IP 2500 Business Communications System is a new generation of communications asset that delivers enterprise-level communications capabilities at a small business price.

Vertical Wave BoxEvery aspect of Wave is designed to enable your organization to enhance customer service, improve employee productivity and control communications costs. Wave extends the value of business communications with its unique Applications Inside™ architecture, which supports an embedded portfolio of communications applications as a fully integrated solution — eliminating the need for costly additional servers. A set of high-value base applications come standard on the Wave IP 2500 platform including Wave ViewPoint,™ Visual Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Presence, Call Recording and Auto Attendant. The award-winning Wave ViewPoint desktop call management tool delivers an easy, intuitive and powerful set of communications capabilities to every user in your organization, dramatically extending the capabilities of a physical phone.

Find out more about the Wave IP business communications solution in our product area.

Vertical Xcelerator IP: All-In-One Wireless VoIP and Data Network Solution for Small Business

Your search for an all-in-one IP voice and data communications solution for your small business ends here! Vertical Xcelerator IP is a new category of communications product. Xcelerator IP integrates voice, data and wireless networking in one compact, affordable wireless device that can dramatically reduce communications costs for small businesses. Setup is fast and easy. One Xcelerator IP gateway can support up to 24 Vertical IP2007 SIP endpoints plus additional office devices.

Find out more about the Xcelerator IP business communications system in our product area.

Take a tour now! Learn more about Xcelerator IP, the all-in-one phone solution!

Vertical Comdial DX-120: Sophisticated, Affordable Solutions for Telecommunications

The Vertical Comdial DX-120 Business Communications System is designed to give smaller enterprises all the sophisticated communications features of big-company systems in an affordable, easy to use and scalable package. The DX-120 system includes a family of desktop and cordless speakerphone endpoints and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 200 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs, including powerful voicemail and auto-attendant options.

Find out more about the DX-120 business communications system in our product area.

View the DX-120 Demo! Find out how growing enterprises are provided with all the big-company digital features in an affordable, easy to use and highly scalable package.

Vertical Comdial FX II: Real Business Value for Small and Midsize Enterprises

As your organization grows, both voice and data communications become more challenging - and more critical to continued success. The Vertical Comdial FX II and MP5000 Business Communications Systems enable voice communications to be transported and easily managed over data networks. A suite of messaging and call control applications enable unified voicemail and e-mail messaging, flexible call routing and reporting for single-site and multi-site organizations. The FX II and MP5000 are hard-working business systems that raise the power of communications to the next level and grow gracefully with your organization.

Find out more about the FX II business communications system in our product area.

Take a tour now! Find out why the FX II and MP5000 are the most flexible, expandable, migratable and proven phone systems in their class!

Vertical MP5000: Enabling Telecommunications to Keep Pace with Growing Enterprises – Economically

The MP5000 is the ideal telecommunications solution for growing organizations with remote sites and road warriors, and with heavy intra-organizational calling and conferencing requirements. It’s easily administered from a single point and supports a broad spectrum of hard and soft endpoint mixes and advanced call handling applications. Add remote sites and users quickly and easily. Deploy advanced next-generation SIP and IP functionality, from peer-to-peer video calling to unified messaging, where it makes sense; preserve your existing telecommunications infrastructure where it doesn’t.

Find out more about the MP5000 business communications system in our product area.

Take a tour now! Find out why the FX II and MP5000 are the most flexible, expandable, migratable and proven phone systems in their class!

Vertical TeleVantage: Empower Your People

Vertical TeleVantage is an IP based telephone system that offers a full complement of rich features that help your employees work more efficiently.

  • Users can instantly locate and check the status of co-workers, initiate conference calls or access contact information, so they spend less time searching for numbers and transferring calls.
  • Sophisticated "find me" call routing capabilities ensure that your employees receive important calls at any time, and in any location.
  • Voicemail messages are consolidated within a single account for quick, easy retrieval and response. Your team can record and store voice messages or live conversations, and create personalized, targeted voice and broadcast messages that save time and enhance communication.
  • With TeleVantage's award-winning point-and-click interface, employees can quickly and easily take advantage of everything the system has to offer.

Find out more about the TeleVantage business communications system in our product area.

Take a tour now! Learn more about TeleVantage, our award winning phone system!

Vertical Vodavi Starplus STS: Enterprise-Class Calling Features for Smaller Business Needs and Budgets

The popular Vertical Vodavi Starplus STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system’s track performance and reliability. Now, new productivity-enhancing features make it a better value than ever.

Find out more about the Starplus STS business communications system in our product area.

Vertical Vodavi Telenium IP: Enterprise-Class VoIP with Multi-Site Networking, Mobility and Video Options

The Telenium IP communications system acts like your traditional phone system but it hardly looks like one. No more telecom room full of big box equipment and punch down blocks (that colored wire spaghetti). The hardware that drives Telenium IP looks like network gear, because it is network gear. Your IT personnel or consultant will immediately appreciate the simplicity of this system with its Web-based administration tools and distributed architecture. This means you can train your own support staff to take care of the simple tasks, like relocating a phone, and rely on your Telenium IP Certified Dealer to help you apply this versatile technology to help grow your business.

Find out more about the Telenium IP business communications system in our product area.

Vertical Vodavi XTS IP: Experience the Power of Convergence

The XTS-IP telephone system takes the best of both worlds and combines them - traditional digital telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) “converged” technology. By converged, we are speaking of the trend toward one transfer medium for all forms of communication, the IP, or data network. The XTS-IP communications system allows you to experience the power of convergence by integrating seamlessly with traditional analog and digital devices as well as the latest VoIP endpoints to meet a virtually endless number of communication needs.

Find out more about the XTS-IP business communications system in our product area.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

If your customers can't get through quickly when they call, they might go elsewhere. Vertical's SMB solutions make full use of the latest in IP technology. Our sophisticated call routing features not only ensure that every inbound call is answered promptly and routed appropriately, but they also gives you the power and flexibility to implement special features - such as priority handling for VIP callers, or voice broadcasting of limited-time offers - that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximize Revenues and Save Money

Vertical SMB solutions help grow revenues by empowering your team to maximize business opportunities as they present themselves. Because Vertical solutions use VoIP technology, geographically remote employees and clients can all come together via a LAN or the internet. Call costs too are significantly reduced. With intelligent call forwarding, employees never lose a sale due to a missed call. The ability to instantly access contact information or initiate a conference call helps build the relationships that build business. Features make it easy to gain valuable insight into business performance through features that allow you to monitor call volume, abandoned and misdirected calls, or response to marketing programs - providing valuable insight into your business. With software-based architecture, Vertical solutions work with your existing phone system and grow with your business. Whether you're adding new lines or opening a new office, our solutions allow you to incrementally expand capacity or add new features without expensive hardware upgrades.

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